News: This database is a work in progress connecting past, current, and future generations.
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  Batten Kil Road Covered Bridge, Arlington, Vermont


A login is required to view the information in this database. First, register for a user account (left side menu, bottom link). Once you have a user account and have logged in (left side menu, top link) you'll be able to navigate the site. If you are looking for a particular name try the simple last name, first name search on the upper right side of the page. Or, you may choose advanced search or one of the other options from the left side menu. Please note that at this time user accounts are limited to family members only. If you would like to support this website please feel free to use the PayPal link below or contact us for other payment options. Thank you for your support!
Family history research is never actually finished. At any given time new generations are being born and the events occurring now will become their history. For every known ancestor there are almost always as-yet-undiscovered sources of information that could add context to their life history. And, of course, there is always another ancestor waiting in the depths of history to be identified and claimed. This database, then, is my response to the queries any family historian hears: “What have you found?” and “How far back can you go?” Please, take a look and see what you think. Is this database conclusive? Absolutely not. Research is ongoing. At best, this is a snapshot of some of what has been discovered to date. Is it accurate? To the best of my ability, yes, but new information could provide new insights and change any supposition. Also, as you review the information posted here, please pay attention to the source citations. Some of the information (especially for collateral lines) cites indexes and other less reliable sources because I have not yet had the time/opportunity to view the original source. So, weigh that information accordingly and understand that this database is a work in progress and things will change as research progresses. Besides sharing this information with interested family members, I hope this site will also be a means of generating feedback and dialogs about the people and events represented here. If you have comments to make, information to add, or questions to ask please feel free to contact me.
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